Meet Our Founders

Zaza Soriano

Zaza Soriano is a full-time Senior Software Engineer at NASA. There she works in the EarthSciences group, solving hard problems and changing the world. She is the founder and CEO of ZaaWink Limited, and holds a double Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida. She also started her own dog treat business, Quark E Noms. Zaza volunteers as the Systers Keeper, a leader for a global community of women in tech. When she is not working, or volunteering, Zaza likes to work on side projects and go on adventures with her Shikoku dog, Gluon.

Andrea Delgado-Olson

Andrea Delgado-Olson was the Senior Program Manager for Systers Community and Programs at She managed several events, programs, and initiatives that served a global community of technical women, and in addition, she organized and managed logistics and content for over 25 sessions and events at the organization’s annual conference, the Grace Hopper Celebration.

Andrea has since founded a consulting firm, Indigenous Perspectives for Reconciliation Resources. She serves on the AISES Board of Directors where she is the Chair of the Professional Development Committee and Co-Chair of the Education Committee for K-12 outreach. Andrea also volunteers for numerous organizations to improve opportunities and visibility for underrepresented communities, women technologists, Indigenous people in STEM, and K-12.


Andrea and Zaza began working together in 2015 where they worked together on many community initiatives for a global organization of technical women, Systers, with over 70K members currently. Their work together was constant and productive. Systers gained membership, active participation, and social engagement under their collaboration and leadership. This collaboration led to a friendship that once again turned into a working relationship and partnership. Their synchronicities and understanding of each others’ working styles have proven successful and innovative, measured by the accomplishments and successes with this company.

In March 2020, we started on the path to ZaaWink. We recognized a need for automation in the workplace when the trend of taking temperatures to enter an establishment began. From their experience working together, Zaza and Andrea worked on a solution to assist businesses to work smarter, not harder.